Do You Know what The Hottest Kitchen Accessories Are?

Do You Know what The Hottest Kitchen Accessories Are?

With the development of science and technology, the efficiency of kitchen appliances is getting higher and higher, and energy-saving, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient products will become the main products in the future. Based on the existing market, smart home appliances will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%. The United States is the largest consumer, and the penetration rate of this category is high, which is a sub-category worth entering. So Do You Know what The Hottest Kitchen Accessories Are?

Do You Know what The Hottest Kitchen Accessories Are?

Since the cooking habits of the US, Europe and Japan are less smoked, and most of the homes are open kitchens, the three sites have a lot in common in kitchen utensils. The particularity of the food culture in the three places has made many single items popular in all three places. We have selected three types of sales data for the three stations in the US, Europe and Japan, and the future trend is leaps and bounds. Selection of growth potential.

Do you know what the hottest kitchen accessories are?

Hot drink equipment. Coffee and tea dominate the world, and European countries and Japan are big consumers of coffee and tea. In particular, all kinds of coffee machines, such as capsule coffee machines, electric kettles, etc., are growing rapidly, but Chinese sellers account for a relatively small category.

  1. Capsule coffee machine! The capsule coffee machine is called a fighter in a coffee machine. There are many occasions for use, such as family, work place, dining place, hotel, etc., and the price range spans a large number. There are many choices. Although the capsule machine has a large demand, the consumer’s requirements are relatively high. When preparing the capsule machine for sale, it is necessary to pay attention to the following product characteristics of the consumer: appearance, design elements, suitable place, occupied area, or product size, cable length; easy to control, safe, fast operation; start speed, temperature rise Speed, temperature regulation, high performance pump, reduced fouling, easy to clean, ergonomic design, multi-mode regulation, energy saving and environmental protection.
  2. Cooking machine. Western cooking is very seasoned with sauce. From the main dish to the dessert, the juicer and blender are used at very high frequency. These two artifacts can be said to be a must for Western-style dining tables. Juicer: The juicer can basically cover most families as a basic kitchen, and it is also an option worthy of Chinese sellers. At the time of stocking, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the products that consumers pay attention to: motor rotation horsepower, smooth driving, crushable level, nutrient extraction; intelligent programming according to food, time adjustable; applicable scene recommendation, package installation instructions and applicable food recommendations; Fruit and vegetable nutrition and health recommendation (suitable for local market people), portable safety, easy to clean; maximum volume, food weight; kit, accessories list description.
  3. Other types of kitchen accessories tool. Western chefs are all tools, a dish needs to use a lot of utensils, boiled eggs will also be equipped with an egg cooker. For a dessert, you may need to prepare baking molds, cake turntables, electronic ovens, etc. The nuts are more like DIY, so you have a cotton candy motor, a stick rice machine, a bread machine, a chocolate fountain, a toaster, etc. It is not surprising. Mini oven. For some small kitchens, the large oven occupies a large area and is not easy to clean. The mini oven was born, and it is very popular in small families such as Europe and Japan. More consideration should be given to the use of the oven during production, such as volume and suitable food. Product characteristics that consumers pay attention to: oven volume, applicable food weight, insulation temperature, no taste, suitable environmental scene; mainly use cooking function, can cook examples of heated processed food; recommended for cooking food (applicable to local market people) The oven has the highest temperature, power, energy saving and environmental protection, and the operation is simple and reliable;
    Temperature adjustment, easy installation and easy cleaning; packing list, accessories and replacement parts are subject to installation instructions
Do You Know what The Hottest Kitchen Accessories Are?

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