How To Configure Kitchen Accessories Lighting?

How To Configure Kitchen Accessories Lighting?

Lighting of kitchen accessories mainly includes lighting for tabletop operation, lighting for items in cabinets, and lighting for cleaning floors. The lighting of the countertop operation uses a light source with a color rendering of 85 or more, which makes the color of the food more realistic.

How To Configure Kitchen Accessories Lighting?

The basic lighting of the kitchen accessories is designed to provide uniform brightness throughout the room, with more selective lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, or downlights, depending on the overall style and personal preference of the room. According to the 2.5~3W per square meter to calculate the ceiling lamp or downlight/spotlight, the long kitchen ceiling lamp needs to be divided into 2~3.

The T5 lamp is used to make the countertop lighting on the bottom of the cabinet. The spotlights are arranged at a distance of 30 cm every 3~5W. If there is a island in the kitchen, the lighting of the island can refer to the dining table.Built-in light. In order to ensure a high brightness in the kitchen, you can put some spotlights in the ceiling above the console, the number is 6-8, this kind of luminaire is usually embedded in the chandelier, generally does not affect the aesthetics of the chandelier And there is good concealment, the light line projection is a direct light distribution. This gives a multi-layered protection from the light to avoid operational errors.

Kitchen main lamp: Ceiling lamp The ceiling lamp is one of the most commonly used lamps in the kitchen space. The general light source is ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high-intensity gas discharge lamp, tungsten halogen lamp, LED, etc. The most popular LED ceiling lamp is now. According to the shape, the ceiling lamp has a ceiling lamp in the shape of a square cover, a ball, a pointed flat, a semi-spherical ball, and a rectangular cover. The ceiling lamp is generally installed on the top surface of the kitchen, close to the central position. Generally, it is used as the ceiling lamp of the main lamp, and its area should not be larger than 2% to 3% of the kitchen area.

Large space main light: grille lamp is a kind of lamp commonly used in large kitchens. The light source is generally selected from fluorescent tube and embedded in the ceiling ceiling. The lamp is divided into two types: concealed and surface mounted. The chassis is made of high quality cold rolled. The surface of the board is made of phosphating spray, which is not easy to wear and fade. Such grille lamps are generally used in large kitchens, especially in kitchens in villas, where the light source is sufficient to illuminate every corner of the space. This kitchen accessories is really a great kitchen accessories, I think we should all decorate one.

In addition, with compact fluorescent lighting, this kitchen accessories is the usual lighting method commonly used in small kitchens. It is characterized by high light efficiency, good lighting effect, and convenient installation and use. The embedded fluorescent lamps are beautiful in appearance and soft in color, which highlights the cleanliness of the kitchen. The combination of fluorescent lighting, plus white countertops and light-colored floors, the kitchen is bright.

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