Modern Kitchen Design Case That You Can Learn From Before Renovation

Modern Kitchen Design Case That You Can Learn From Before Renovation

The kitchen is one of the more frequently used spaces in our lives. Whether the modern kitchen design is reasonable and whether it meets the needs of life directly affects the quality of life. So, what are the details that need attention in kitchen renovation? Let’s take a look at it for everyone – the modern kitchen design that you must finish before the renovation.

Modern Kitchen Design Case That You Can Learn From Before Renovation

The first is the optimal height of the kitchen countertop. Cooking is a hard work, cooking for an hour or two, and eating for ten minutes. If the height of the kitchen counter is too high or too low, a meal will make you feel a backache. The comfortable table top height is 80-90 cm, determined by the height of the operator’s forearm lift – 10 to 15 cm = the optimal height of the kitchen countertop.

Secondly, the design of the kitchen cabinet. The design of the kitchen cabinet is unreasonable, which not only affects the kitchen operation space, but also the kitchen will appear to be cramped. After repeated trials, the optimal height of the hanging cabinet is more than 1.6 meters above the ground, the optimal thickness is 300-350mm, and the height from the washbasin table is 700mm.

Then the layout of the kitchen hood is recommended to be about 65-75cm from the cooktop of the top suction hood; the bottom of the side suction hood is usually between 35-45cm.

There is also a kitchen storage. If you want a clean and tidy kitchen, you should pay attention to the design of the storage function when designing a modern kitchen. We can choose kitchen furniture with drawers and baskets. Even if it is convenient to take things in the depths of the cabinet, it is recommended that the interior of the drawers be made into a compartment to make the cabinet look more tidy.

About the kitchen switch socket problem. There are many appliances in the kitchen. In the layout, you must consider the problem of the socket. It is recommended to reserve about 80 cm from the sink to prevent the water from splashing into the socket.

Finally, the lighting problem of modern kitchen design. The lighting can be determined according to the actual situation at home. Under normal circumstances, designing a main light, plus a local auxiliary light source is good.

The above is the entire content of the modern kitchen design case that you can learn before the renovation. What is the design of your kitchen? Are you ready to decorate your kitchen?

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