The Latest kitchen Accessories, Look Here!

The Latest kitchen Accessories, Look Here!

There are thousands of kitchen accessories. Today we mainly introduce the latest kitchen accessories. I hope you can get the information you want through the following information, so that you can experience the kitchen life better!

The Latest kitchen Accessories, Look Here!

First, the oblique side sink Configuration: faucet, drainer, soap dispenser
The main highlights:

1. Simple shape, innovative small oblique transition;
2. The bottom beveled shape is not easy to accumulate water;
3. One-piece stretch molding, exquisite mercerized surface treatment.

Second, the sink stainless steel small hanging basket.

Function: 1. Store the cutting board and avoid mold;
           2. Store small washing tools such as steel balls, wet rags, etc.

Third, double groove deep cage cage water purifier

Product Highlights:

  1. Antibacterial PP material;
  2. The height of the cup is reduced to create a larger cabinet space;
  3. Pipe fittings can be adjusted left and right;
  4. Reserve a number of overflow joints to meet the connection of garbage processors, dishwashers, sinks, etc.
  5. Add high-efficiency nano silver ions, antibacterial class up to 99%, long-acting antibacterial, deodorant and mildewproof.

 Fourth, the distinguished plate type basket series
   Product Highlights

  1. The style is high-grade;
  2. Functional partition design, the basket is divided into the dish rack area, the dish rack area and the storage box area according to the tableware and storage categories;
    The bowl basket is specially designed to store large-sized tableware function areas such as enlarged fish dishes and large soup plates, which can accommodate the storage and discharge of tableware for 12 houses;
  3. The water storage area is set up separately in each function plate area of ​​the bowl basket, which can reasonably solve the problem of dishwashing dripping water, and avoid the trouble of cabinet water soaking;
  4. Multi-function basket configuration insert blade tool barrel, free to insert all kinds of tools, perfect compatible with a variety of tool sizes, large compatibility, high security and full of fun;
  5. Multi-function basket input box, one box, one multi-space storage, can be used independently, perfect fit basket.
The Latest kitchen Accessories, Look Here!

The above is the information about the kitchen accessories introduced today. After reading the above content, do you think it is helpful to you? If you want to know more about kitchen furniture, please keep an eye on us!

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