What are the precautions for kitchen furniture design?

What are the precautions for kitchen furniture design?

Generally, in the renovation of new houses, the layout of the kitchen is very important. If the layout of the kitchen is unreasonable, it will not only affect the convenience of the kitchen, but also affect the feng shui of the kitchen. So, what are the precautions for kitchen furniture design?

1, the kitchen door is facing the door of the house, the back door or the door of the bathroom

There is such a saying in Feng Shui that the kitchen door can’t be opposite to the entrance door, otherwise it is easy to produce a hall, which means breaking the money. The kitchen door can’t be facing the back door, otherwise the family’s money will cost a lot. At the same time, the kitchen door can’t face the toilet door, otherwise it will cause digestive system and financial damage.

What are the precautions for kitchen furniture design?

2, avoid open kitchen

It is highly undesirable for some young people to design kitchen furniture set in an open style in pursuit of avant-garde. This is because the open kitchen stove will be exposed, the ability to gather wealth is relatively poor, and when using this open kitchen fried food, the fumes will be dispersed in various spaces, and the range hood must not completely remove the fumes. Therefore, there will be a smell of soot in the hall, which is not good for the health of the family.

3, avoid kitchen or toilet connected or flush

In order to save money and to facilitate design, many owners open a door in the kitchen as a way to the toilet, and then close the door of the adjacent kitchen, so that they have to go through the kitchen to enter the toilet. This kind of practice is unreasonable. On the one hand, the kitchen is a fire, the bathroom is water, and the kitchen and bathroom are connected by only one door, which will form a water and fire. In addition, the suffocation of the bathroom will be incorporated into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene and the health of the family will be affected.

4, the kitchen is in the middle of the house

Since the kitchen is a fire, if it is placed in the center of the home, it is equivalent to “burning the heart”, and the health of the family is easily affected.

5, the kitchen avoids red and black

The kitchen can’t be dominated by red. This is because both red and stove are fire. If the kitchen is red, it will cause too much fire and it will be prone to fire and dryness. The same black color can not be used, because black is water, it will form a fire and water with the stove of the fire, affecting the health of the partner. Kitchen furniture should be light-colored, such as milky white and beige.

What are the precautions for kitchen furniture design?

6, the kitchen avoids water and fire relative

The faucet in the kitchen is best not to face the stove, because there is a saying that there is no water and fire in Feng Shui. Otherwise, the hostess’s waist bone is prone to problems, and the relationship between the husband and wife will be troubled.

7, the kitchen avoid beam pressure cooker

There can be no beams in the kitchen, because the beam presses can have a bad influence on people who cook frequently.

What are the precautions for kitchen furniture design? I believe many people do not believe this statement, but for kitchen furniture design, we should consider every detail to make our home better!

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